Join us in The Green Room 

The teams at The DH Ensemble and Hot Coals Productions will be chatting to some of the most exciting Deaf, deaf, Hard of Hearing and disabled talent and hearing industry allies in the UK and internationally.


We'll be celebrating best practice, spotlighting unsung heroes and inspiring others to keep access and diversity in mind in the months and years ahead.

Each video will be in British Sign Language (BSL) and English with captions and audio description. The interviews are available in audio podcast with audio descriptions too.

We premiered a brand new interview every Thursday at 7.30pm over 12 weeks in early 2021. We'll be keeping them up here so you can watch them at your leisure. So keep an eye out on our social media channels.

You can subscribe to The Green Room YouTube channel by clicking here.

So put that kettle on and join us in The Green Room!

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